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EZ Mod Walls are modular wall systems that provide a fast, economical solution for partitioning open spaces into meeting rooms, private offices, cubicles, or any other use as desired by the customer. Our improved design and construction allow for fast initial installation and easy modifications later if needs change. EZ Mod Walls are lightweight, quick to install, and easily adaptable for each and every space.

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Easily partition open spaces into meeting rooms, private offices or cubicles.


  • Modern, high-tech appearance
  • Durable designer vinyl finish over Lauan, plywood, MDF, or gypsum
  • Sound absorbing foam-core 2” thick panels
  • Maintenance-free anodized aluminum framing
  • Data & electrical raceways
  • Order in 12’ kits or by floor plans
  •  Quick by-the-foot price quoting


  • All materials reusable
  • Easy to modify or expand
  • Cost competitive to stick walls
  • 70% faster set-up
  • Minimal mess set-up
  • Minimal building damage after lease
  • Accelerated depreciation

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