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A fast, economical solution for partitioning open spaces into meeting rooms, private offices or cubicles




Your Trusted Source for Modular Wall Systems in Oregon

Unlock the potential of your space with EZ Mod Walls, your go-to destination for top-notch modular wall systems in Oregon. We specialize in delivering innovative solutions that redefine the way you manage and optimize your workspace.

EZ Mod Walls is a product specifically designed for companies who lease and sell commercial mobile and modular office space to the end user. EZ Mod Walls provides a fast economical solution for partitioning open spaces into meeting rooms, private offices, or cubicles as desired by the customer.

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Discover Our Expertise in Modular Wall Systems

At EZ Mod Walls, we bring over 25 years of industry-leading experience to the table. As the pioneers of modular wall solutions in Oregon, we take pride in our commitment to quality and efficiency. Our modular walls are tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses, offering fast and economical solutions for partitioning open spaces.

Why Choose EZ Mod Walls for Modular Walls in Oregon?

1. Tailored for Productivity: 

Our modular partitions are specifically designed for meeting rooms, private offices, and cubicles, providing a focused and productive environment for your team.

2. Local Expertise: 

As an Oregon-based company, we understand the unique demands of businesses in the area. Our modular partition solutions are crafted with local needs in mind, ensuring seamless integration into Oregon workspaces.

3. Swift and Cost-Effective Installations: 

Time is of the essence. Our modular partitions are not only quick to install but also cost-effective, offering a practical solution for businesses looking to enhance their office layout without a prolonged construction process.

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Explore Our Range of Modular Wall Systems

Choose from our extensive selection of modular walls, each designed for modern aesthetics, durability, and functionality. Our walls feature designer vinyl finishes, sound-absorbing foam-core panels, and maintenance-free anodized aluminum framing, ensuring a sophisticated and efficient workspace.

Effortless Installation for Oregon Businesses

Our installation process is tailored to the fast-paced business environment of Oregon. With anodized aluminum track framing and pre-fabricated panels, setting up your modular walls is quick, hassle-free, and minimizes disruption to your operations.

Get in Touch for Your Modular Wall Solution

Ready to elevate your workspace with the finest modular wall systems in Oregon? Contact Bob Murtha at (800) 501-0339 for expert guidance, quotes, or more information. Join the ranks of businesses that have transformed their spaces efficiently and cost-effectively with EZ Mod Walls.

Experience the difference between modular walls designed for Oregon businesses – choose EZ Mod Walls for a workspace that adapts to your unique needs.

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